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After a disappointing cancellation to “The Great Race” in 2008, the Team Cmolik v1.0 website went neglected for a year and has subsequently been deleted/dropped/formatted/erased from existence (call it bad karma).   So, without further adieu, I present the latest iteration of the Team Cmolik blog.

I’d list the slew of features this new blog has and the painstaking hours that went into its setup — but alas, I suspect the audience of this site wouldn’t care 🙂  — stay tuned for updates throughout the race and as it progresses.


  1. Russ and family, I wish you good luck and trust that you will make the most of a very special trip you have created for yourselves. I know how much goes into such a trip and it’s great news that you are finally on your way.
    I look forward to the updates.


    David Barrett
    Team Citiloc
    Vancouver, BC.

  2. ellen and russ (and all you others) – best of luck on your incredible journey. all the best.

  3. I hope this trip becomes an adventure you and your family will look back on for many years to come. Russ, you have a uniqe ability for making unusual things happen. Keep it up. I hope it extends to your flying.

  4. Hello everyone xox

    What an amazing opportunity. Keep us updated on your experiences – we miss you already.

    Good luck and have fun!


  5. We realized that today ( in Canada ) it is Nick’s first Fathers Day and we wanted to wish you a wonderful day.
    Being a parent is a tremendous challenge and responsibility, which brings with it great rewards.
    We hope you have a great day Nick, Love Al, Carolyn and Jesse

  6. Russ, Ellen family and friends – wishing you all a safe and exciting adventure. What an experience! I look forward to your blog postings along the way.

    Take care.

  7. I can only imagine how exciting it must be. I get giddy just reading all your comments, Ellen. Justin, I hope your Father’s Day is only the beginning of many wondrous ones to come. And to your ladies Athena and Areia, safe and calm travels and much love. Russ, have you thought about starting your own travel company? I’ll get my passport! Thanks for including me, Colleen

  8. Hello Everybody,

    We are looking forward to following this amazing journey!

    The Fourchalks

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