Saturday, August 28, 2010 – Hvar to Korcula, Croatia

Saturday, August 28th was a really slow start as we did not sleep at all due to the music from the bar, wrong # phone calls, etc. and we had to be up at 5 a.m.!! We were leaving Hvar and catching another ferry to go to Korcula, a city on another Croatian Island.  The weather was beautiful (T-shirt weather) and it was busy. People are up and bustling around, cleaning the streets, picking up garbage, delivering supplies and getting ready for work at 6 am. The climate was so nice that we did not mind waking up early to catch the ferry. Actually, some of the people we passed may have just been going home after their busy night of partying.

We got in the line up for the Marco Polo Ferry to go to Korcula. When it was time to load on to the ferry we had to drive up to the mouth of the ferry, then turn around and back onto the ferry.  This was the weirdest loading procedure onto a ferry I had ever participated in. At the same time that you are trying to back onto the ferry, pedestrians are walking all around the car to get on to it and it is a madhouse, but somehow we made it onto the ferry. Unloading from the ferry was also chaos. People walk right in front of the cars, the cars unload as soon as they can, they have not heard of one line at a time unloading. It is just a free for all to get off the ferry. Very unorganized. 

Tony from the hotel met us at the unloading spot and got in Russ’ car to take us to our reserved parking spot. But a Russian car was parked in the entrance to the parking lot.  The nose of his car was butted right up against the bar to the parking lot! We had to wait on the side of the street until he returned to his car.  Tatiana had a few special words to say to the driver in Russian when he finally showed up!  We finally got to our parking spot then had to unload all of our luggage and walk to our hotel. The town center was pedestrian only just like in Hvar.  As we were walking to our hotel we felt a little unsettled and wondered if we would like this spot. But when we got to our rooms, we couldn’t believe how nice they were!! They were two and three bedroom apartments with large living rooms, balconies, and kitchen areas.  Each bedroom had it’s own on-suite and was decorated beautifully. The decor was Venetian in one apartment and Indian in the other.  They were fantastic! The hotel is called Lesic Dimitri Palace.

We loved these apartments so much that we decided to make dinner and stay in for the evening instead of going out.  The men went shopping while us girls played crib. We were teaching Tatiana how to play the crib game that Gloria and Rose taught us while the men made dinner.  It was lots of fun.

Russ read us a story about how wine was invented in Croatia. (It was on the back of a menu so it must be true).  One day the King of Croatia was out hunting with his men and they came across a bird that was being choked by a snake.  The king ordered his men to kill the snake and not hurt the bird, which they did. The little bird was so thankful that he few away and came back with some grape seeds for the King. The King had the seeds planted and up grew grape vines.  The King loved the grapes but there were far too many grapes to eat. So the King ordered the excess grapes to be stored in oak barrels. One day the King felt like having some grapes and asked that a few grapes be brought to him.  Unfortunately, the grapes were just starting to ferment and tasted terrible. So the King said they were poison and had all the barrels marked as poison so no one would drink them by mistake.

This King had a very large harem and one of his girls was depressed as she felt neglected by the king.  So she decided to kill herself by drinking some of this poison.  Well it was about a year or so after the barrels had been marked as poison and all of the grapes had turned into wine.  This girl drank the wine and the more she drank the happier she felt.  She became very joyous and was dancing and singing when the King found her with the magic juice she called wine. That was the beginning of wine in Croatia.

We have found some very good wine here in Croatia, one of which is called Dingac. Try it you will like it.

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