Day 1 – Wednesday June 17th, 2009 Arrival in Beijing!

Ellen Blog'ingRegent Hotel Beijing - Russ, Lisa, AJ, and NickEllen learning to blog

We finally arrived at 11 p.m. in Beijing, just 7 hours late due to a volcano eruption in Russia and all flights had to be rerouted to avoid flying over Russia.  The good news was that Nick, Lisa and baby Alex were bumped from Air Canada and placed on our flight with Air China.  So we all travelled together.  Once we actually started flying the flight was great!  AJ was a good baby and didn’t even cry.  When we landed in Beijing a crew came aboard to take everyone’s temperature! Felt a little like Startrek, with little men wearing face masks carrying guns that registered everyone’s temperature by placing these gun-like machines on our foreheads! Some passengers were selected for furthering testing and went in a separate lineup.  Thankfully, we all passed this test!  Next test will be our drivers license!!  Our hotel in Beijing is very nice and we all had a good sleep.

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  1. Thank you to Nick for creating this opportunity to follow the journey from our comfortable, air-conditioned home. We look forward to “going along” with you. Drive well and enjoy.

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