GPS Location

Through the use of a handheld GPS device called a SPOT you’ll be able to view our current location in nearly real-time.  Please note that SPOT history only lasts for 7 days.

Public SPOT page for the Range Rovers on the Trip.

Public SPOT page for helicopter GELZ

Public SPOT page for trip to India 



  • Hi! Hope all is going well! We’ve been waiting for news on your blog but haven’t seen any pics or commentary as yet. We’re looking forward to seeing where you’ve been.
    Enjoy! Love. P & D & M & D

  • Hi Ellen and Russ,
    We have a wonderful ramp ready and waiting for your arrival home….for your new puppy to waltz into either of your cars with the older dogs! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures après Sanliurfa. A “turkey dinner” chez Leathley awaits.
    Happy trails to you
    John and Lulu

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